President  Tony Kincaid

Vice President Ronnie Martin

Secretary  Carol Lasher

Treasurer  Ann Colman

Board Member     Jerry Coffman

Board Member     Janice Coffey

Board Member     Tim Shrader

Board Member     Bonny Stanley

Historian  Karen Whitmer

Music Librarian    Lisa Doughty

Director    Don Coffey

Accompanist   Kelly Hughes
2015 - 2016 SECTION LEADERS: 
Alto:         Karen Whitmer
Bass:         Glen Fields
Soprano:   Connie Shrader
Tenor:      Tim Shrader
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Members of the Past & Present

1.  Carol Lasher
2.  Jennifer Krzastek
3.  Tony Kincaid
4.  Jim Ferguson
1.  John Reynolds
2.  Carol Lasher
3.  Lisa Doughty
4.  Jim Ferguson                         
1.  Kathy Baker
2.  Carol Lasher   
3.  Kathy Childress
4.  Jerry Coffman

Staging & Choreography
1.  Alison Perkins
2.  Kristy Via
3.  Sara Fitzgerald
4.  Amy Johnson                                             
Monday Night Lock-up
1.  Glenn Fields
1.  Janna Milstead
2.  Sandee Dixon
3.  Connie Shrader
4.  Leslie Wiggs
5.  Debbie Boling
6.  Stephanie Tyler
7.  Martha Bliss
8.  Alex Butterfield

1.  Tim Mahanes
2.  Greg Gay
3.  Tim Teachey

Clean up/Set up
1.  Jeff Walter
2.  Rod Campbell      
3.  Ronnie Martin
4.  Tim Teachey
5.  Tim Shrader

Program & Ticket Design
1.  Donna Cain
2.  Keith Fitzgerald

Lobby Decorations
1.  Carol Lasher
2.  Bonny Stanley
3.  Gail Ford
4.  Sandee Dixon
5.  Amanda Alexander
6.  Amy Lessley

1.  *Janice Coffey
2.  Ann Colman

Props and Sets
1.  Steve Doherty
2.  Tim Mahanes

1.  *Karen Whitmer

Roster/Web Page
1.  Bonny Stanley

* Chair or organizer
A "description" of our group