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Waynesboro Choral Society Mail
                                                                                    Christmas is around the corner and with it the 
                                                                                Waynesboro Choral Society will be presenting their                                                                                    2016 Christmas concert:

                                                        "Sing Christmas"

                                                                                         Concert Nights will be 
                                                                                           Monday, November  28th and 
                                                                                            Tuesday, November 29th.
                                                                                                  Both concerts will be held at 7:30pm, 
                                                                                                     in the Louis Spilman Auditorium,  
                                                                                                  of Waynesboro High School.

                                                                                                     Please join us 
                                                                                                   while we sing in the Holidays.

To view some pictures of our past concerts, please visit through our WCS Picture Page.