Past & Present members of the WAYNESBORO CHORAL SOCIETY

On Sunday, Sept. 16, 2001, The Waynesboro Choral Society sang a very special Sacred Concert at Memorial Baptist Church in Staunton, Va.  Here were the songs we sang (often with tears in our eyes).  This was a Sunday when all USA citizens mourned the tragic Losses of the past week, while at the same time affirming the strength of our faith and our country:

God is Our Refuge                          
A Mighty Fortress                           
Surely the Presence
Let Everything
I Will Sing the Wondrous Story
Come Just As You Are

Festival Gloria
Hallelujah, Christ Jesus is Lord
How Beautiful
God Bless the USA
No More Night
Blessing of Aaron
Great is Our Lord

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Informal Half of a Past Christmas Concert
Formal Half of a Past Christmas Concert
HOW GREAT THOU ART a very special Easter Presentation we've done 3 times over the years instead of our regular spring Concert
(A very MOVING Sacred Performance just a few days after the Sept. 11th Terrorist Attacks. 
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